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For over 50 years,
onboard and ready!

Over five decades Boa Praça has improved its expertise in providing first class services supplying provisions and materials to vessels, oil platforms, and their respective crews, at all the major ports in Brazil.

Our Main Suppliers

We distribute

items recognized for their quality and standout in the market

Rocol Biogen

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Challenge.

We supply just about everything vessels and crews needs in the major ports of Brazil

We are proud to provide our service with highest standards, improving ourselves with each delivery made.

And as our tagline says, we are here anytime, anywhere and for any challenge.


Cabin Stores


Engine Stores

Bonded Stores

Deck Stores

Powerful Features of
Boa Praça General Ship Supplier

with the order

We deliver your order in accordance with agreements

Security and reliability

We invest in training and infrastructure to provide the best

On-time deliveries

We know how to get on board at the right time, for any challenge


Cutting edge technology

Our systems integrate from quick quotes to accurate deliveries

Boa Praça specializes in the supply of provisions, bonded, marine equipment, cabin, deck, engine, pyrotechnics, stationary, charts and publications.

+55 years
of superb services

Why choose Boa Praça?

Tradition and recognized excellent services in the ship chandler market.

Committed to our customers

We provide services with a focus on exceeding all expectations, managing reasonable and fair costs and delivering products with the highest quality standards.

More productive crews

We provide the best products to enable teams to stay healthy and productive

The only Ship Supplier with 4 warehouses facilities in Brazil

Ports We Serve

Vitoria Branch

Rio de Janeiro Branch

Macae Branch

Recife Branch

Our infrastructure and team

The history of Boa Praça can be summarized as an unstoppable reach for the best way to serve.

Warehouses and offices

4 warehouses: Vitória, Rio de Janeiro, Macaé and Recife
6 offices: Vitória, Rio de Janeiro, Macaé, Recife, Greece and Portugal

Truck Fleet

27 cargo trucks
8 support cars

Information Technology

We have the necessary technology to allow prompt fulfillment of our customers' requests, with perfectly integrated operational and management software.


Our team have more than 250 people committed people to providing the best services.

We are

certified and a proud members of

Boa Praça is a proudly member of the International Marine Purchasing Association

Get in Touch

Our team is available
for quotes and orders


+55 27 3357 1407

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Warehouse facilities and offices


Head Quarter: Av. Nossa Sra. da Penha, 2796 - 13º Andar - Santa Luíza, Vitória - ES, 29045-402


Rua Piracanjuba, s/n - Quadra L, lote 13 Jacuhy - Polo Industrial Piracema, Serra - ES, 29161-238

Rio de Janeiro-RJ

Rua Sargento Aquino, 75 - Olaria
Rio de Janeiro/RJ - CEP: 21021-640


Rua Lady Esteves da Conceição, 233
Macaé/RJ - CEP: 27933-420


Av. Governador Miguel Arraes de Alencar, 1380
Cabo de Santo Agostinho - PE - CEP: 54580-875


Alkiviadou Str. 212, 18536, Piraeus


Serra D'el Rei - 2525-814

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